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  • 1 Dash
  • 1 Teklo Plasma Pistol
  • 2 Combustible Courier (1)

Cards that can be pitched may include their pitch value using either their color or number, with parenthesis or a dash. The following examples can all be understood.

  • 2 Combustible Courier (1)
  • 2 Combustible Courier (red)
  • 2 Combustible Courier - 1
  • 2 Combustible Courier - red

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1 Dash
1 Teklo Plasma Pistol
1 Achilles Accelerator
1 Heartened Cross Strap
1 Ironhide Gauntlet
1 Ironhide Helm
1 Nullrune Gloves
1 Nullrune Hood
1 Nullrune Robe
1 Talismanic Lens
1 Teklo Foundry Heart
1 Vest of the First Fist
2 Combustible Courier (red)
2 High Octane (red)
2 Hyper Driver (red)
2 Induction Chamber (red)
2 Over Loop (red)
2 Throttle (red)
2 Zero to Sixty (red)
2 Zipper Hit (red)
2 Combustible Courier (yellow)
2 Over Loop (yellow)
2 Spark of Genius (yellow)
2 Throttle (yellow)
2 Tome of Fyendal (yellow)
2 Zero to Sixty (yellow)
2 Zipper Hit (yellow)
2 Over Loop (blue)
2 Teklo Core (blue)
2 Throttle (blue)
2 Zero to Sixty (blue)
2 Zipper Hit (blue)

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