Registration is open online for all tournaments, and opens on-site one hour before start time.

Registration closes 10 minutes prior to scheduled start time for non-Grand Prix tournaments, and at 9PM the night before for Grand Prix.

Unless otherwise noted, all Scheduled Events are 3 Swiss rounds, with prizes based on record. Prizes for team events are listed per-player.

All Last-Chance Trial, Players Tour Qualifier, and Grand Prix tournaments are run at Competitive REL. If constructed, decklists are required.

Scheduled Event Common Prizes (Per Player)
9 Points (3-0) - 400 Prize Tix
7 Points (2-0-1) - 300 Prize Tix
6 Points (2-1) - 200 Prize Tix
4-5 Points (1-1-1 or 1-0-2) - 110 Prize Tix
3 Points (1-2) - 20 Prize Tix

Players Tours

Players Tours

Time Event Name Entry Fee
(Per Player)
Format Prizes & Additional Info
09:00am 09:00am Players Tour - Phoenix
$0 / Qualification Only