What are Vouchers?

Vouchers are digital items on the website, which can be redeemed in different ways. The two most common vouchers are Fanatic Vouchers, All Day Vouchers, and Redemption Vouchers.

Fanatic Vouchers, All Day Vouchers, Event Vouchers

These vouchers are vouchers that are granted as part of a purchase of a package, and can be redeemed to enter into eligible tournaments. Eligible tournaments are indicated on the event schedule and tournament list specific to the package. Please note that not all event vouchers are eligible for all tournaments, and tournaments require specific vouchers to enter.

To use an event voucher, register for a tournament from this website in the same way you registered for the package. When you reach the payment step, you will have an additional option to pay using any eligible vouchers which can be used for that tournament. Select the appropriate voucher and confirm, and the voucher will turn into a completed registration for that tournament.

You can see a list of your account's active vouchers, along with a list of registrations available for voucher redemption, from your My Events page.

Please note that some tournaments accept multiple vouchers. For example, a specific Saturday tournament may allow you to redeem either a regular event voucher and a special double-up voucher, which has eligiblity to tournaments the regular event does not. Please make sure that you are redeeming the voucher that you wish to redeem in these scenarios.

If you are unable to redeem your Fanatic Vouchers digitally, you can visit the Customer Service area on-site and receive physical vouchers instead of your digital vouchers.

Redemption Vouchers

Redemption Vouchers are vouchers that are granted as part of certain purchases, and can be redeemed for physical items. Not all registrations grant Redemption Vouchers. Please see the description of the registration for more information.

I don't see any tournaments to redeem...

Most event weekends, the tournaments which are fanatic-eligible are added to the website between 4-6 weeks before the weekend of the event, and registration opens the Tuesday before the event weekend. In general, there will be eligible tournaments spread throughout each day at regular intervals.

How do I redeem for a multiplayer tournament?

Partial voucher redemptions is coming in a future update, but for now, please let staff at the Registration Stage know you and your partner would like to register, and they can help with the rest.

I have a question not answered here?

If you have additional questions, please contact us directly.