Saturday Commoner Blitz is a Special Blitz tournament with an entry fee of $20.00 and is scheduled to begin on Saturday @ 05:00pm

Registration online closes on Saturday @ 04:50pm


Build a Blitz Deck using cards of Common, Token, and up to 6 Rares

4 Rounds of Swiss 

See Scheduled Event Common Prizes


  • 4 Wins – 250 Prize Tickets
  • 3 Wins – 150 Prize Tickets
  • 2 Wins – 40 Prize Tickets
  • 1 Win – 10 Prize Tickets

Prize Tickets are redeemed at the Prize wall for Boosters, Singles, Accessories and more.   10 tickets can be redeemed for 1 current set unlimited booster pack. 

Your GEM ID is your Player ID, in your Flesh and Blood account profile. Don't have one? Sign up at and check your profile for your Player ID.

Saturday Commoner Blitz has an entry fee of $20.00