MTG Las Vegas 2021 - Masters Package is a Package tournament with an entry fee of $130.00 and is scheduled to begin on Friday @ 09:00am

Registration online closes on Thursday @ 09:00pm


Includes entry into both Modern and Limited Main Events

Jeweled Lotus Event Playmat

Deck Box

Random Foil Promo

If you make Day 2 of Modern you will receive 3 Limited Event Vouchers.


Additional information for each main event can be found on the Event Fact Sheet.


Each main event has the following prize structure:

1st - $2500

2nd - $1900

3rd-4th - $1500

5th-8th - $1000

9th-16th - $700

17th-32nd - $500

Do you have a Wizards Account? Your DCI number is found in your main profile page.

MTG Las Vegas 2021 - Masters Package has an entry fee of $130.00