Uprising World Premiere Sealed Tournament is a Sealed tournament with an entry fee of $40.00 and is scheduled to begin on June 10th @ 12:00pm

Registration online closes on June 10th @ 11:50am


This is for Entry into only the Uprising World Premiere Sealed Deck Tournament

This package includes the following:

  • Entry into Uprising World Premiere
  • Uprising Pre-Release Rare Foil Promo Card
  • Uprising Pre-Release Extended-Art Rare Foil Promo Card

The Uprising World Premiere is a 6 Round Sealed Tournament that takes place on Friday.  You'll get 6 Booster Packs of Uprising and build a deck.  Each round you win you'll get another Booster of Uprising!


World Premiere

1 Booster Pack of Uprising for every Round won.

Your GEM ID is your Player ID, in your Flesh and Blood account profile. Don't have one? Sign up at fabtcg.com and check your profile for your Player ID.

Uprising World Premiere Sealed Tournament has an entry fee of $40.00