MagicFest Brisbane 2019 - Constructed Fanatic Package has a registration fee of A$150.00. Registration online closes on Thursday @ 21:00


This package includes the following items:

  • 2 Double Up Event Vouchers
  • 3 Regular Event Vouchers
  • Exclusive 2019 MagicFest Fanatic Lightning Bolt Playmat
  • Exclusive 2019 MagicFest Foil Lightning Bolt Promo
  • Deck Box
  • Set of 5 2019 MagicFest Foil Basic Land Promos

When you register for this package you will be able to pickup vouchers and additional items can be picked up from the customer service booth on-site.

Vouchers good for Fanatic-eligible Constructed tournaments. (more information on eligible tournaments). Double up vouchers can be used for any Constructed Fanatic Event. Regular Vouchers can be used Fanatic eligible events except for Double Ups

This price is for online pre-order only. Onsite or same-day price will be 40$AUD more.

This registration grants vouchers, and requires a user account to register for. Register here.

Error Registration for this event is currently closed.
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