MagicFest Las Vegas 2019 - Commander Fanatic Package has a registration fee of $99.99. Registration online closes at Wednesday @ 09:00pm


This package includes the following items:

When you register for this package Vouchers and additional items  can be picked up from the Customer Service Booth on-site.

This price is for online pre-order only. Onsite or same-day price will be 25$ more.


This registration grants vouchers, and requires a user account to register for. Register here.

MagicFest Las Vegas 2019 - Commander Fanatic Package has an entry fee of $99.99 and has the following add-ons included and/or available:

Command Zone 4 Day Pass ($79.99 $54.99)

We've partnered with key members of the Commander community, including Jimmy Wong and Josh Lee-Kwai, to bring you a dedicated, premium experience for Commander players at MagicFest Las Vegas. Get your hands on a pass now! 

  • 4 Days access to the Command Zone
  • 4 On-Demand Commander Event Vouchers
  • FOIL Sol Ring Promo!
  • Deckbox

*Pricing only available online, when purchased as an add-on to this registration.

Commander Party ($59.99)

Starts on Friday @ 09:00pm

Celebrate Commander at the Commander 2019 Launch party.   Featuring a Live Q&A with Gavin Verhey.


  • Random Commander 2019 Deck
  • Sol Ring Promo (non-foil)
  • CFB Sleeves,Deck box and Drawstring bag