Mythic Championship Qualifier - London is a Pauper tournament with an entry fee of $50.00 and is scheduled to begin on Saturday @ 12:00pm

This tournament is sanctioned as Competitive REL , and you will need to submit a decklist prior to the beginning of the tournament.


Qualify for a Mythic Championship directly via this Mythic Championship Qualifier!

This tournament is using the Pauper legality list based off of Magic Online's legality list. More information here.

This tournament has rounds based on attendance:

All Mythic Championship Qualifier will cut to a Top 8 playoff. Please note this MCQ, unlike most Saturday MCQs at MagicFests, will run it's Top 8 on Saturday night.

All participants receive a MagicFest Promotional Lightning Bolt (non-foil)

More information can be found on our knowledge base.


Prizes After Swiss Rounds

Additional Top 8 Prizes


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