Saturday Commander 1 is a Commander tournament with an entry fee of $20.00 and is scheduled to begin on Saturday @ 10:45am


Commander events are 2-round tournaments, where each round pairs you in a pod of 3-4 players.

All participants receive a MagicFest promotional foil basic land.


Prizes are distributed per-round, per-pod.


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Saturday Commander 1 has an entry fee of $20.00 and has the following add-ons included and/or available:

Upgrade to Commander Fanatic ($100.00 $80.00)

Starts on Tuesday @ 12:00am

Make this the First event of a Constructed Fanatic Package. In addition to this event get

two (2) Scheduled Commander Event Vouchers

Nine (9) On-Demand Commander Event Vouchers

MagicFest Fanatic Lightning Bolt Playmat

Foil Lightning Bolt Promo.


Items can be picked up at registration desk after your first round of the event.

*Pricing only available online, when purchased as an add-on to this registration.