Saturday Modern Double-Up is a Modern tournament with an entry fee of $40.00 and is scheduled to begin on Saturday @ 02:30pm


Double-Up tournaments offer double the standard Scheduled Event Common Prizes.

All participants receive a MagicFest promotional Lightning Bolt. (non-foil)


Scheduled Event Common Prizes x 2


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Saturday Modern Double-Up has an entry fee of $40.00 and has the following add-ons included and/or available:

Upgrade to Constructed Fanatic ($100.00 $60.00)

Make this the First event of a Constructed Fanatic Package. In addition to this event get

Four (4) constructed event vouchers

Two (2) Turbo Town vouchers

MagicFest Fanatic Lightning Bolt Playmat

Foil Lightning Bolt Promo.


Items can be picked up at registration desk after your first round of the event.


*Pricing only available online, when purchased as an add-on to this registration.