Mythic Championship Last Chance Qualifiers is a Modern tournament with an entry fee of €40.00 and is scheduled to begin on Thursday @ 12:00

Registration online closes on Thursday @ 11:45


This is a 64 player Single-Elimination tournament,  If you finish 6-0, you will win an invite to the Mythic Championship held Friday thru Sunday

Flights starts whenever 64 players register,  Single Elimination.  starting until 16:00 (Maximum of 15 Flights)

Winners will be required to use the same decklist for the Mythic Championship

At the start of every round Main deck will be swapped with opponent for review.  this is to more closely match the open deck list style of the Mythic Championship

  • 6 Wins - Mythic Championship Barcelona Invite
  • 5 Wins - 800 Prize tix
  • 4 Wins - 600 Prize Tix
  • 3 Wins - 400 Prize Tix
  • 2 Wins - 200 Prize Tix
  • 1 Win - 100 Prize Tix

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