Sunday Players Tour Qualifier - Modern is a Modern tournament with an entry fee of CA$70.00 and is scheduled to begin on Sunday @ 11:00am

This tournament is sanctioned as Competitive REL , and you will need to submit a decklist prior to the beginning of the tournament.


Qualify for a Players Tour directly via this Players Tour Qualifier!

All Players Tour Qualifier will cut to a Top 8 playoff.

All participants receive a Foil Arcbound Ravager Promo and 100 Prize Tix

More information can be found on our knowledge base.


Prizes After Swiss Rounds

  • 18 Match Points - 900 Prize Tix
  • 16-17 Match Points - 800 Prize Tix
  • 15 Match Points - 700 Prize Tix
  • 13-14 Match Points - 500 Prize Tix
  • 12 Match Points - 300 Prize Tix
  • 10-11 Match Points - 150 Prize Tix

Additional Top 8 Prizes

Top 8 receives four(4) Foil Lightning Bolt Promos

  • 1st - Invitation to Players Tour #1 2020 + $750usd
  • 2nd - 1200 Additional Prize Tix
  • 3rd/4th - 600 Additional Prize Tix

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