MTG Las Vegas 2021 - Constructed Fanatic Package has a registration fee of $130.00. Registration online closes on Friday @ 09:00pm


This package includes the following items:

  • 3 Double-Up Event Vouchers
  • 3 Regular Event Vouchers
  • Exclusive Jeweled Lotus Playmat
  • Random Foil Promo from past events (Grand Prix, MagicFest or PTQ Promo)
  • Deck Box

Vouchers will be applied to the logged-in account once registration has completed. Additional items can be picked up from Customer Service on-site. Vouchers can be redeemed for any eligible Constructed tournament, but only Double-Up Vouchers can be used for Double-Up tournaments.

This price is for online pre-order only. Onsite or same-day price will be 25$ more.

This registration grants vouchers, and requires a user account to register for. Register here.

Do you have a Wizards Account? Your DCI number is found in your main profile page.

MTG Las Vegas 2021 - Constructed Fanatic Package has an entry fee of $130.00 and has the following add-ons included and/or available:

Ragavan Nimble Pillferer - Playmat ($14.99)

Starts on Sunday @ 10:00am