Mega Players Tour Last Chance Qualifer is a Pioneer tournament with an entry fee of $40.00 and is scheduled to begin on Thursday @ 12:00pm

This tournament is sanctioned as Competitive REL , and you will need to submit a decklist prior to the beginning of the tournament.


This is a Single-Elimination tournament. If you finish 5-0, you will win an invite to the Players Tour, held Friday thru Sunday.

Tournament starts at noon. All participants receive a MagicFest Promo Path of Exile (non-foil)

Winners will be required to use the same deck list for the Players Tour.

At the start of every round, players will exchange their main decks with their opponents for review. This matches the open deck list style of the Players Tour.

If you pre-register for this event, you must be present at noon. if you cannot be there at noon, you need to register onsite for the on-demand qualifiers.

onsite on-demand qualifers will be available from 12:30 to 5:00pm


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Mega Players Tour Last Chance Qualifer has an entry fee of $40.00